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Boston Round Bottles

Boston Rounds Bottles have a rounded shoulder design that has proven over the years to be one of the most reliable for containing almost any liquid or solid.

The features of Boston Round Bottles:

  • Boston Round bottles is general called medicine bottles, and is a basic round shaped bottle.
  • Boston Round bottles come in a variety of sizes to accommodate anything from the kitchen to the classroom.
  • The Boston round plastic bottles are available in color choices ranging between natural, blue, and clear.
  • The rounds are available in the traditional narrow mouth Boston rounds, wide mouth rounds, pharmaceutical rounds, and lab rounds.
  • With a multitude of closures like lotion pumps, sprayers, droppers, flip top caps, etc,

Boston round bottles with wide mouth have a wide variety of common uses. For example, amber boston round is good for storing light-sensitive materials.The round bottle is also great for packaging products like cosmetics, hair care products from dyes to shampoos, product samples, and even water bottles.

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China Suncity Plastic Vials Factory

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